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Henry VIII: Court,Church & Conflict

by David Loades

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Henry VIII: Court,Church & Conflict

Explores the turmoil of Henry VIII's reign through its fascinating hinterland court, Church and subjects to reveal how the king managed and manipulated those around him.

Henry VIII focuses on the fluctuating, often fraught relationship between the king and his court, his Church and his people and with the other powers of continental Europe, relations with whom were thrown into turmoil by Henry's successive marriages. It explores Henry's policies and strategies and his manipulation of key players such as Wolsey, Cromwell, Fisher and More, as well as the shaping of his royal image over decades of change. It also probes the intriguing nature of the man behind the monarch, especially his complex religious beliefs that changed the direction of England's history.

David Loades, an authoritative historian of Tudor England, begins by explaining how historians have treated Henry and the expectations contemporaries had of the Renaissance prince who ascended the throne. He describes the England that the young king inherited and explores his rich and varied reign in detail. Henry VIII considers the king's role in the wars, law enforcement, the succession question, the court, the rebellions and the problem of Ireland, illustrating the narrative with original National Archives documents and full colour portraits of those involved. Finally Loades unravels the ambiguous but still tangible legacy that this most high-profile of monarchs has left us.

'a model of writing for a wide audience without distorting or dumbing down' - BBC History magazine


The Renaissance Prince
The King's Court
The King at War
The King's Great Matter
The King's Laws
The King's Government
The King's Enemies
The King's Other Island
The King's Religion
The King's Last Years

David Loades is a well-known and popular writer on Tudor history. His many works include biographies of leading Tudor personalities and a best-selling textbook, Politics and the Nation 1450-1660. For the National Archives he has written Mary Tudor: The Tragical History of the First Queen of England (2006) and Elizabeth I: The Golden Reign of Gloriana. His other interests include naval history (he is closely engaged with research on the Mary Rose, and has appeared in TV documentaries on the subject).

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