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Grandad Did A Dastardly Deed

by Kate Broad & Toni Neobard

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Grandad Did A Dastardly Deed 50 More Family History Traps

Was your grandfather a kindly old man, who lovingly tended his prize rhubarb, or did his spade have another use? And just what was in the cupboard in his shed?

"Grandad Did a Dastardly Deed" continues the work of its companion book "Granny Was a Brothel Keeper" in highlighting pitfalls associated with family history. Written in a distinctive light-hearted style, this volume is packed with cartoons, true stories, and tips to take you further along your ancestral voyage of discovery.

Expect to encounter dumpling-flingers, ancestors who drowned in exotic places, fake social network profiles, concealed lunatics, dwarf stranglers and malevolent microfilm.

Staff Reviews

This book is the sequel to Granny was a brothel keeper and follows the same format. The authors, Kate Broad and Toni Noebard, are very adept at setting out their advice in a clear, easy to read style: serious advice delivered in a light-hearted and humorous way. A small book but packed with lots of sound and very good advice. The book is primarily for the beginner in family history, although like its companion edition there are useful reminders and advice for the more experienced researcher. This edition takes the reader through the maze and complexities of the Internet as a research tool, as well as undertaking research in an archive. In this respect there is very some very good advice about handling original documents. The primary message in this book follows up the advice in the companion edition: be prepared and organised, beware of over-interpreting what you find and take nothing for granted. The advice about researching on the Internet is very helpful and informative. There are lots of dangers and pitfalls to be mindful of and the authors guide and steer the reader in the right direction. This is a modestly priced book and for those starting out on family research then this and the companion edition offer an easy introduction to the task at hand and can be thoroughly recommended. Dr Tony Wakeford Friends of The National Archives. http://nationalarchives.gov.uk/get-involved/friends.htm Friends of The National Archives