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by J McMorland Hunter & S Hughes

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Berries : Growing And Cooking

Berries were amongst the first foods we ate and their position in history and folklore is well established. In the kitchen berries are all around performers, enhancing sweet and savory dishes. They can be preserved as jams, jellies, curds, or chutneys and bottled in sugar or alcohol. Cakes, biscuits, and puddings are all better for the addition of a few berries and some dishes, such as Eton Mess, fools, and clafoutis raise the berries to starring roles themselves.

This book will help you to grow all kinds of berries and provides a history of this most loved food including chapters on berries in literature and health.

Most importantly, the book contains recipes: over fifty ways to use berries in your kitchen, from Cranberry Roast Ham to Raspberry Brownies and Blueberry Pancakes to Mulberry Gin.

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