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Bad Teeth No Bar

by Colin Kirsch

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Bad Teeth No Bar : A History of Military Bicycles in the Great War

Everybody in the 21st century has a pet subject. With the rise of the internet it's easier to share our passion - Vintage collectors have benefited greatly from this. Vintage car and motorcycle enthusiasts experience theessence of `time travel' when riding in or on a vehicle from 30, 50, 70 years ago.

However, vintage bicycle enthusiasts can travel back even further, to a time before cars and motorcycle were invented, or to 1914 when the Great War called upon cyclists to flight. Bad Teeth No Bar takes you and your bicycle to the most challenging cycling environment of all - War. 100,000 British soldiers used bicycles in the Great war.

Even more French and Belgians rode bikes, and the Germans used even more than anyone else. See the bikes, read the stories, and imagine how you would have coped if you were one of the many patriots who enlisted to fight for King and Country.

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