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Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917 Volume 1

by Ed. A. Sampson

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Lake Tanganyika Expedition 1914-1917 Vol. 1 : A Primary Source Chronology Vol. 1 1914-1915

Mention the Lake Tanganyika Expedition of the First World War and invariably you'll receive 'Ah, Mimi and Toutou' or something along the line of 'that's the force that had the strange/weird captain who dressed in a skirt which dragged boats across Africa to defeat the Germans.' Both are right, but there's far more to the story than is generally known and which is colourfully depicted in Giles Foden's Mimi and Toutou go forth: The bizarre battle for Lake Tanganyika.

The Primary Source Chronology has brought together all the known English primary sources including translations of the German headquarter diaries, and some Belgian sources, in two volumes (Volume II not yet available). The fully referenced material has been recorded in chronological order with correspondence split between that originating in Europe alongside that in Africa allowing the researcher an insight into how information was transmitted and the resultant impact on decision-making. In addition, there is an accompanying diary of events in both Europe and Africa to help place the expedition in a wider context.

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