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A Magnificent Disaster : The Failure of Operation Market Garden 1944

by David Bennett

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A Magnificent Disaster : The Failure of Operation Market Garden 1944

Reveals the truth behind the failure of Operation Market Garden, with thorough and balanced coverage of the role of the British Second Army, detailing the actions of all sides After Normandy, the most spectacular Allied offensive of World War II was Operation Market Garden, which saw three divisions of paratroopers dropped behind German lines, to be joined by massive armoured columns breaking through the front. The ultimate object was to seize a crossing over the Rhine to outflank the heart of the Third Reich and force a quick end to the war.The Operation utterly failed, of course, as the 1st British Airborne was practically wiped out, the American 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions became tied down in vicious combat for months, and the vaunted armoured columns were foiled at every turn by improvisational German defences. In many circles the battle has become known as Hitler's last victory.A" In this work, many years in the making, Professor Bennett puts forward for the first time a complete, balanced and comprehensive account of the British, American, Polish, Canadian and German actions, as well as the strategic background of the Operation.

He shows, for example, that rather than a bridgehead over the Rhine, Montgomery's ultimate aim was to flank the Ruhr industrial area from the north; an important revelation for all historians. The book also deals as never before with the key role of all three Corps of British Second Army. For the first time, we learn the dramatic, untold story of how a single company of Canadian engineers achieved the evacuation of 1st Airborne's survivors back across the Rhine when all other efforts had failed.

Respectfully nodding to A Bridge Too Far and other excellent works on Market Garden, the author has interviewed survivors, walked the ground, and performed prodigious archival research to increase our understanding of the battle. From the actions of the lowliest soldier to the highest commander, Allied and German, the entire operation is brought to life, with the author's expert analysis unveiling new insights at every step.

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