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Normandy June 44 Utah Beach Graphic Novel

by J.B. Djian

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Normandy June 44 : Utah Beach Graphic Novel

Hardback format full colour graphic novel depicting the events of D-Day, part of a set of five titles. The date of June 6th 194 is fast approaching. In Europe, a young German and a young American are writing to their mothers. Each in his own way is preparing himself to live through tragic events.

Jurgen, who is lodging in a Norman farm, senses that the significant increase in reconnaissance flights and bombardments can only mean that the Allied invasion is imminent. The inevitable invasion at the Pas-de-Calais. Lewis, for is part, is staying with an ENglsih family.

He is apprehensive about the forthcoming battles in which he will face an enemy he believes he knows as his family is of German origin. In another time and another place, Jurgen and Lewis would surely have been friends, but on June 6th 1944 the colour of their uniforms divides them.

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