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De-luxe Certificate Binder with 10 Polypockets

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De-luxe Certificate Binder with 10 Polypockets

This landscaped, four 'o' ring, heavy grained & padded PVC binder measures approximately 445 x 270mms. It also has a transparent pocket on the spine, lays flat when open and will hold up to 40 inert pockets, thus holding 80 certificates.

Please note that binder colours are supplied according to stock availability.

This product includes 10 inert, clear polypropylene polypockets which are safe and suitable for long-term storage of certificates and other documents such as family trees, will copies, etc.. They have an easy access opening enabling contents to be removed without opening the ring mechanism in the binder. The internal dimensions are approximately 398 x 234mms.

These pockets have now been punched to enable them to also fit the A3 binder rings, allowing certificates to be stored in the same binder as larger items.

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