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Female Explorers' Atlas

by Riccardo Francaviglia

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Female Explorers' Atlas

From the dawn of civilization, mankind has been inspired to explore and discover the world around him. This atlas, with its beautiful illustrations and wealth of information and interesting facts, is the perfect companion to the previous project: Great Explorers' Atlas published by White Star Publishers. A new and fascinating voyage following in the footsteps of 18 great and courageous women who travelled and explored the world over the past few centuries, most of whom forgotten about by history: from Amelia Earhart to Isabelle Bird, from Freya Stark to Laura Dekker.

Tenacious, bold women who travelled the globe by bike or sailboat, passing through the Australian deserts or Asian tundra, overthrowing the social codes that often meant they had to go the extra mile to win their own freedom. The daring and audacity of these explorers will be a great example for many boys and girls - and, why not? Even their parents!

Reading age 9+

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