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Handmade Horn Beaker & Bone Dice

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Handmade Horn Beaker & Bone Dice

Add a touch if history to your gaming table with this unusual and attractive gift handmade from horn and bon. Use it as a dice shaker or as a bathroom beaker with class.

As well as being a popular, luxury item, horn has unique qualities and is the original, organic plastic. It has all the same attributes of plastic without the terrible side effects. It is exceedingly strong and durable, it responds easily to heat and can be bent and shaped with ease and it doesn’t carry flavour, and this is why it is great for use as bowls, spoons and salad servers.

Abbeyhorn established in 1749, uses traditional methods to make use of a variety of natural materials to bring you our extensive collection of items. Their raw supplies are sourced ethically from renewable resources. The majority of their finished products are biodegradable and/or recyclable, making a truly ecological product.

As every item is handmade from a unique piece of horn the colours and patterning will vary. Dice are handmade from bone.

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