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Greenwood's Atlas Of The Counties Of England & Wales 1829 CD ROM

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Christopher Greenwood's Atlas
of the Counties of England and Wales 1829 to 1834 CD ROM

This CD contains all 46 maps of the Greenwood Atlas of England and Wales. The atlas was produced in parts from 1829 to 1834, the maps were at a scale of 1 inch to 3 mile. Christopher Greenwood had the ambition of producing maps of all the counties of England and Wales, an ambition that he did not achieve, there were 13 counties that he failed to produce. He was producing maps in competition with the Ordnance Survey but he was relying on the pictorial quality of his maps to maintain their popularity. His original county maps were 1 inch to 1 mile, these were reduced to produce this atlas, the missing counties being added at this smaller scale.The Digital Archives Association is a small group of amateurs producing high resolution images of historical maps on CD and DVD.

This CD requires Adobe Reader 7 or better installed on your computer. The installation files for Adobe Reader 7 are included on the CD.

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