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Horwood's 26 inch Map of London 1799 CD ROM

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Horwood's 26 inch Map of London 1799 CD ROM

The Digital Archives Association is a small group of amateurs producing high resolution images of historical maps on CD and DVD.

Although the maps are monochrome they have been scanned in colour to preserve the detail and look of maps of this period.This CD contains all 32 sheets of the Horwood 26 inch map of London 1799.

The maps on the CD are accessed from a graphical index and you can move from one map to an adjacent one with a click of the mouse. You can view the maps at many times there normal size and you can copy and paste or print any chosen selection. There is a place name and a street name index linked to a zoomed in view of the map sheet showing the street selected. The streets also show all the house numbers. The disc also has a description of the history of the map relative to previous maps of London by Ralph Hyde, Keeper of Prints and Maps at the Guildhall Library in London
The discs run using Adobe Reader. The maps are selected by clicking the mouse on the appropriate area of a small scale map. Navigation from one map to an adjacent one is by clicking in the margin. A map can also be selected by its number. You can zoom in to print at different magnification.

This CD requires Adobe Reader 7 or better installed on your computer. The installation files for Adobe Reader 7 are included on the CD.

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