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The Buildings That Made London

The Buildings That Made London

by David Long

The National Archives: The Buildings That Made London

Take an incredible journey through the streets of London and see beautiful buildings as you've never seen them before! An elegant horizon of historic masterpieces mi...
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Captain Gray's Houses

Captain Gray's Houses

by Robert Shepherd

Captain Gray's Houses : The History of Sion Row Twickenham

Twickenham is chiefly known today as the home of rugby, but its heyday could be said to be in the eighteenth century when first Alexander Pope and then Horace W...
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London Plotted

London Plotted

by Dorian Gerhold

London Plotted : Plans of London Buildings c. 1450-1720

In this beautifully produced, 320-page volume the author explains how and why London's tradition of ground plans arose, who the surveyors and their customers were ...
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Thames Tideway Tunnel

Thames Tideway Tunnel

by Phil Stride

The Thames Tideway Tunnel: Preventing Another Great Stink

In 1858 the `Great Stink of London' made much of the city along the Thames uninhabitable. Between 1848 and 1854 nearly 25,000 Londoners died of cholera, a diseas...
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The House By The Thames

The House By The Thames

by Gillian Tindall

The House By The Thames : And The People Who Lived There

Just across the River Thames from St Paul's Cathedral stands an old and elegant house. Over the course of almost 450 years the dwelling on this site has witnessed...
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The Zoo

The Zoo

by Isobel Charman

Zoo : The Wild and Wonderful Tale of the Founding of London Zoo

How one man's mad mission became one of the best-loved places in the worldThe creation of London Zoo - when only one other existed across the world - is a ...
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