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1778 Silk Scarf

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1778 Silk Scarf

This beautiful and exclusive pure silk scarf is based on a design held in the National Archives Map Collection. The image is taken from Thomas Yeakell and William Gardner's 1778 map of Sussex, showing part of the South Downs from West Dean in the west to Houghton north of Arundel in the east. At the lower edge lies the Goodwood Estate where the mapmakers worked for the Duke of Richmond, Master of the Board of Ordnance -from which the Ordnance Survey took its name. Yeakell and Gardner became some of the first Ordnance Draughtsmen in the Tower of London, using on a national scale the skills they showed here to depict a latticework of fields with villages set around dark hachured hill slopes.
Collection Reference MR 1/1169.

This is a unique and beautiful item which will appeal to map lovers and fans of history. Supplied in a presentation gift box describing the image on the scarf. 100% silk, hand made. Dry clean only. Unique to The National Archives with branded tag on the scarf. 50cms by 180 cms approx.

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